Sake served at Japan Fair Festival Brussels

Alps Masamune Junmai Daiginjo

It’s milky aroma, similar to while grapes or lychee, spreads nicely around the palate due to its low polishing ration and ginjo method (slowly fermented rice at a low temperature).
Food pairing: Appetiser, vegetables


Alps Masamune Junmai Ginjo NAKAGUMI

It’s fruity and refreshing aroma like green apple and slight honey. Dry but you can find sweetness in your mouth.
Food pairing: Appetiser, fish and seafood


Alps Masamune Junmai-shu FUKETSU CHOZO

Oak and nuts aroma. Dry and sharp taste, but feels mildness on your tongue. The taste becomes more mild when it's warmed up.
Food pairing: Strong umami meal, fish and seafood



The aroma is similar to fresh produce, like napa cabbage. You can also find a steamed rice and a slight nutty aroma. Its taste is mild but firm umami.
Food pairing: Strong umami meal, meat



The aroma is sweet and elegantly sour due to the ume plums. Most popular at our sake tastings!
Food pairing: Dessert



True to its name, this sake’s aroma is exactly like fresh apple juice. The taste is light and sweet.
Food pairing: Dessert


Bishonen AOTENJO Junmai Daiginjo

Aotenjo has a soft sweetness that spreads throughout your mouth followed by a refreshingly sharp aftertaste.
Food pairing: Light meals, aromatic meals with herbs


Bishonen KENMON Junmai Ginjo

Enjoy the soft yet refreshingly crisp acidity and umami flavours that linger in your palate.
Food pairing: Appetiser, fish and seafood


Bishonen SEIYA Junmai-shu

Taste is rich in sweetness and umami thanks to the table rice used. The bitterness elegantly enhances its sweetness and makes the taste deep.
Food pairing: Strong umami meal


Bishonen MOKUZAEMON Tokubetsu Junmai

Taste is mild, and firm umami and richness are well balanced. The sweetness from rice is balanced and the acidity spreads nicely in your mouth.
Food pairing: Strong umami meal, meat



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