Bishonen SEIYA Junmai-shu 720ml


純米酒 清夜
Platinum award at Kura Master, the international sake competition in France. 
Seiya means ‘bracing night’ and you can feel that the sake is nice to be enjoyed at a relaxing evening.
Platinum award winner at Kura Master 2019

【Sommelier's recommendation】
Aroma is mild and nice fruity like a banana and steamed rice flavour from the table rice Hinohikari. This sake uses 80% of table rice and 20% of sake rice.
Taste is rich in sweetness and umami thanks to the table rice used. The bitterness elegantly enhances its sweetness and makes the taste deep.

Recommended glasses
・Bordeaux wine glass
What is the best glass for sake?

Recommended Temperature
・ 20℃ / 40℃
How to chill/warm

Food pairing
Strong umami meal

【Comments from a tasting research】
Rich and smooth taste, and fresh and fruity aroma. Easy going, best for daily drink. 

【Product Information】
Alc: 15%Vol
Size: 720ml
Grade: Junmai-shu
Rice Polishing Ratio
: 70% (Hinohikari+Hananishiki)
Yeast: Kumamoto Kobo
: +2
: 2.5
Amino Acid
: 2
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