Sake for New Year Omiki / Otoso


We’d like to introduce some of sake “Omiki” and “Otoso” for New Year in Japan.

Omiki is sake that is offered to gods in Shinto. Japanese drink omiki at some Shinto ceremonies. They believe that omiki has the power of gods and gives them benefits. They also drink omiki to pray for the New Year and wish for safety and happiness of the year.

They go to a shrine to pray for New Year’s safety and happiness. The first shrine visit of the year is called Hatsumode. Some people drink omiki during Hatsumode.

Otoso is spiced medicinal sake traditionally drunk during family gathering on New Year’s days.

Japanese believe that otoso flushes away the previous year's disaster and gives them a long life.

In this way, sake has taken root in Japanese culture.

Why don’t you feel Japanese culture over sake?

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