Bishonen KIKUCHI Junmai Ginjo 720ml


美少年 菊池 純米吟醸

Gold award at Kura Master. Limited sale in Kumamoto only! 
Kikuchi is the area where the brewer is located. Kikuchi Valley near the brewer was chosen as one of Japan's top 100 sources of mineral water and the blue bottle expresses its beautiful water.
Gold award winner at Kura Master 2019

【Sommelier's recommendation】
Aroma is gorgeous thanks to the low temperature fermentation. Fruity Ginjo aroma like a green apple, and rice cake aroma from the table rice used for the Sake.
Taste is refreshing and fruity with elegant sweetness. Smooth on your tongue and nice bitterness lasts in the end.

Recommended glasses
・Burgundy wine glass
・Trumpet wine glass  
What is the best glass for SAKE?

Recommended Temperature
・ 10 ~ 15℃
How to chill/warm

Food pairing

【Comments from a tasting research】
Tastes like young white wine. Strong aroma with nice sharpness.

【Product Information】
Alc: 15%Vol
Grade: Junmai Ginjo
Rice Polishing Ratio
: 60% (Hinohikari+Hananishiki)
Yeast: 1801
: -1
: 2
Amino Acid
: 1.8
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