Alps MASAMUNE Tokubetsu Junmai HITOGOKOCHI 720ml


アルプス正宗 特別純米 ひとごこち
Most popular at the tasting! Hitogokochi is a name of the rice from Nagano which is used for luxury sake

【Sommelier's recommendation】
The rice polishing ratio is 65% but the one of the koji mold rice is 60% which creates strong taste as well as deep aroma.
Alps MASAMUNE Tokubetsu Junmai HITOGOKOCHI has fruity aroma like pear and slight maple syrup. Smooth and soft. The first flavour is quite smooth but the taste becomes strongly deep and the balanced acidity causes nice lingering flavour in your mouth. Can be paired with food as well as be enjoyed on its own. Try to add a sliced lemon or lime, as it's a great game changer! 

Recommended glasses
・Bordeaux wine glass
What is the best glass for sake?

Recommended Temperature
・ 15 ~ 20℃
・ 40 ~ 45℃
How to chill/warm

【Comments from a tasting research】
Soft aroma and slight sweet taste. Very easy to drink and it's awesome with a lemon. Can enjoy it without foods. Want to enjoy at a beach!

【Product Information】
Alc: 15%Vol
Size: 720ml
Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai
Rice Polishing Ratio
: 65% (Hitogokochi)
Yeast: 901
: +2
: 2.1
Amino Acid
: 1.6
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