【You Enjoy Sake. We Donate.】

― Support Japan Campaign in Jan 2024 ―

As you may know, the big earthquake that rattled Ishikawa prefecture on the main island of Honshu triggered tsunami waves more than a metre high, sparked a major fire and tore apart roads. This area is famous for its beautiful sake and unfortunately many sake breweries got damaged.

As a sake importer with an ambition to support sake breweries in Japan, we’ve launched a donation campaign!

【How does it work?】

When you make a purchase on our site, we’ll donate 10% of the sales via Yahoo! Japan donation (the name is ”令和6年能登半島地震緊急支援募金”(Reiwa 6nen Noto Hanto Jishin Kinkyu Shien Bokin).

We will send you a proof of donation after the campaign ends, on 1st Feb.

【Until when the campaign runs?】
Until 31st January 2024


By enjoying exclusive sake from Japan, you can support Japan!

We will attach a sake card for each product with info of food pairing recommendation and optimal temperature etc which helps you maximise the product! 

…And when they recover, please visit Ishikawa and try their sake!!


Thank you for your big help and we hope no more damage will be caused there.




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