Zuikan Clover Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml

Zuikan Clover Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml


瑞冠 Clover 純米吟醸 原酒
Lower alcohol undiluted sake you can easily try the sake world

【Sommelier's recommendation】
The aroma is refreshing like a green apple. The rich umami, refreshing sweetness and strong acidity are well balanced and the texture is very smooth. It's the best to drink with meals.

Recommended glasses
・Burgundy wine glass
・Trumpet wine glass  
What is the best glass for sake?

Recommended Temperature
・ 15 ~ 20℃
How to chill/warm

Food pairing

【Product Information】
Alc: 12%Vol
Size: 720ml
Grade: Junmai Ginjo
Rice Polishing Ratio
: 60% (Yamadanishiki)
Yeast: Zuikan No.1
: -18
: 1.7
Amino Acid
: 1.0
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