Soichiro Kawashita
Japan, Nagasaki
Having studied in Hiroshima – one of the most famous Japanese prefectures for sake – Soichiro worked in Tokyo for 10 years, before moving to Amsterdam and founding SAKENOMism in 2020. His hometown, Nagasaki, has a historical relationship with The Netherlands and his hope is to bridge these two cultures further with a love for sake. Not to mention bringing sake to other European countries, thanks to his connections with breweries in Japan, namely in Kumamoto, Nagano and Hiroshima.

Sayaka Kawashita
Sake sommelier/marketing consultant
Japan, Nagasaki
After earning an MBA in Rotterdam, Sayaka spent several years working as a marketing manager in Amsterdam for international companies including With her marketing expertise and certifications as a sake sommelier and wine 
connoisseur, she strategizes and curates sake brands on behalf of SAKENOMism. She wants to help people in Europe understand sake in the same way that they understand wine. And to appreciate how rich and exciting the world of sake truly is!

These days, while it’s much easier to find sake outside of Japan, it’s still not very well-known or -understood abroad. Our dream is to teach you all about sake so that you can confidently choose between brews, pair it correctly with food to enhance your gastronomic experiences, and enjoy it as much as we do... Be a SAKENOMI (someone who loves drinking sake) with us!

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