How to drink sake? mix

How do you enjoy sake? Chilled or warmed? That's not all! If you want to enjoy the sake's original flavour and aroma drinking straight at appropriate temperature is always good. But mixing sake with something can broadedn your sake world and actually sake sommeliers and brewers like it. So it's worthwhile trying!

Sake Highball

You may have heard a highball as a mixture of soda water and whisky. Yes spirits are used for highballs in general but recently a sake highball is also popular in Japan. Interestingly a sake highball enhances sweetness of the sake while it keeps the sake's aroma and flavour, so you can find it quite easy to drink. It's refreshing so Japanese enjoy it especially in hot Summer! To our delight, a sake highball has low calorie and fits variety of meals. Then which sake is suitable for a highball? It's said that Daiginjo and Junmai Daiginjo are best for a highball because of their high and fruity fregrant but other types can be enjoyed too. So please try and find your favourite sake highballl!
How to make:
- Add as many ices as possible in a glass - Pour sake in it and mix well
- Add soda water around three times more than the sake
- Mix it gently Adding a slice of lemon or lime is also recommended :)

Green tea sake

These two awesome Japanese liquids are a great match! The green tea's bitterness gets mild thanks to sake's sweetness and green tea increases sake's umami. Also the mix of the refreshing green tea smell and alcohol will impress you. Some green tea makers also recommend this mixture and you can enjoy either hot or chilled. Other kinds of Japanese tea like Hoji tea and Genmai tea also match sake well!

How to make:

- Mix sake and green tea in the ratio of 1:1 If you have green tea leaves:

- Put around 6g green tea leaves in a tea pot

- Pour chilled 120ml sake in it

- Leave it for around 5min and pour it in a glass

Sake milk

You may think 'WHAT!??' with this combination - sake and milk! Actually this mixture is interestingly good. Milk makes sake mild and sake enhances milk's sweetness. Have you tried Kahlua and Milk? It's similar as this mixture. There is even sake which is specifically made for sake milk, so it's seriously accepted as a nice way to enjoy sake! Heated sake milk is also great in Winter. Instead of milk you can enjoy with soy milk or other kinds of milk of course!

How to make:

- Mix sake and milk in the ratio of 1:1

- Add sugar as you like


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