【 Black Friday Deal: 10% off for all products!】

Our Black Friday deal has just started! 

Don’t miss 10% off for all products from today. 

Have you decided a Christmas gift for your loved one? Are you looking for something beautiful, unique and great quality for your Christmas dinner? Then why don’t you get sake! 

From the luxury sake Junmai Daiginjo till popular sake like sparkling sake, cloudy sake, yuzu and plum sake… we give 10% off to ALL products from today :) Need a nice Christmas wrapping? Yes we have! If you give us a message, we will include a Christmas card in it. 

Don’t miss out! 



If you order between 19th Nov and 1 Dec, we will ship your order on 2nd Dec because we will be out of The Netherlands to attend trade fairs. If you order before 18th Nov, we will ship your order by the next working day. Sorry for our inconvenience. 


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