SHINSHU FURURU Ume-shu (Japanese plum sake) 300ml



信州夢想 梅酒
Best rated at the tasting! Ume is a Japanese plum which has nicely sweet and sour taste. The ume is from Nagano which is famous for rich lands for fruits. Normally Umeshu is made from shochu (Japanese distilled spirits) and ume but this Umeshu is made from sake and ume which keeps the ume aroma strong with less alcoholic aroma. 

【Sommelier's recommendation】
The great combination of sourness and sweetness amazes anyone! Best match with sparkling water and ices! Frozen and crash it as sherbet in summer.

Food pairing

【Comments from a tasting research】
Amazing smell! Nicely balanced acidity and sweetness. Can enjoy anytime!

【Product Information】
Alc: 13%Vol
Size: 300ml
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