Bishonen KENMON Junmai Ginjo 720ml



純米吟醸 剣門

Kenmon is the natural fort in China and the name describes its sharpness.
Elegant aroma and refreshing taste are great to be enjoyed in chilled!

【Sommelier's recommendation】
Aroma is soft and elegantly creamy like a rice cake, as it uses 80% of table rice and 20% of sake rice. There is refreshing fruity aroma like a green apple inside.
Taste is very soft and smooth, elegantly sweet. The nice acidity spreads in your mouth and umami, richness and bitterness linger in well balance.

Recommended glasses
・Flute glass
What is the best glass for sake?

Recommended Temperature
・ 10 ~ 15℃
How to chill/warm

【Comments from a tasting research】
More aroma, more complex than Seiya. Sharp, refreshing and very smooth.

【Product Information】
Alc: 15%Vol
Size: 720ml
Grade: Junmai Ginjo
Rice Polishing Ratio
: 60% (Hinohikari+Hananishiki)
Yeast: 1801
: +4
: 2
Amino Acid
: 1.8
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